Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you guys?
We are a motley crew comprising journalists, writers, comedians, actors, marketing specialists, and a few lawyers. Most of us have full-time jobs doing something else, mostly waiting tables and handing out comedy club fliers near Times Square.
The portfolios, professional blogs, and databases are great stuff but how soon will we get the full Monty?
Even with these minimal tools, we offer comedists and their fans more than any other platform on this side of the Milky Way. But we know they need much more—right now. If we continue at the current pace of our buildout, we will be full service by the end of this year.
Aren’t you afraid some big outlet is going to steal your idea?
Every big company and institution we pitched Comedist to, told it us it was doomed to fail, and those are the ones who actually gave us a listen. The rest did not return phone calls or emails. They don’t understand what it is what we are building or that there’s even a need for it. But as sad as that might sound, there’s a bright spot: No one is going to steal an idea they don’t understand or value, especially if it costs them money to make it a reality. We are safe for now.
Are you seeking strategic partnerships with large media companies or venture capital firms?
Bigly but we pretend not to.
How can Comedist help me?
We can create an awesome portfolio of your work, your head shots, reels, voice overs, and connect it to an ecosystem that includes your own blog and support groups. We also provide a cost effective way to create and promote events and sell tickets—much of it FREE. And if you are stand-up comic or writer looking to try out new material, we will be offering MicFinder, a search tool that finds open mics near you. If you are a savvy user of social media, we’ll also provide a tool to manage multiple networks and profiles.